Renta the new floating chair

We find the perfect way to enjoy the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean,

the amphibious floating chair, a chair that slides on the beach and allows people with limited mobility to enjoy the beaches with all the freedom and security you need.

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The floating amphibious chair, is a new aid That our company puts at your disposal for rent or purchase. Its design and easy handling is the perfect help for children, seniors or people with limited movement. This chair is very safe and stable, perfect for shallow water or pools.
-Weighing between 0-210 pounds.
-(Minimum rental 3 days)

*Ask for quotation*

Time to get wet and enjoy the sea, Without worries!

To enjoy the warm days and our beaches

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Enjoying the Caribbean Sea is no longer a challenge,

Wow! An amphibious floating chair?
Imagine that you are on the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, it is a sunny day and what you most long for is to enter the magical blue waters, but you have limitations of mobility .. That is no problem, For Handicap Travelers has a solution, Practice, easy and very safe, know the floating amphibious chair, like few in its kind, our special wheelchair, allow you to cross any kind of beach, and to get into the warm water of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or the whole Riviera Maya. Send us an application and ask for a quote, I assure you that you can enjoy a unique and magical experience.